Creating transportation opportunities and efficiencies

A state-sponsored study .pdf indicates that Iowa shippers use truck freight more than neighboring states to move goods over long distances.*

Since truck freight is generally more expensive than rail on distances of 500 miles or more, the cost of goods shipped from Iowa contain more than two times the national average freight expense, according to the study. This puts area shippers at a disadvantage and inhibits economic growth. 

Alliant Energy Transportation is developing Logistics Park Cedar Rapids (LPCR) in southwest Cedar Rapids, just north of the Eastern Iowa Airport. LPCR will offer services that allow shippers to capture the benefits of rails’ economies of scale over long distances with the convenience of “last-mile” truck delivery: 

  • A multipurpose warehouse facility with access to truck and rail to distribute, consolidate or store consumer products.

  • A bulk transload facility with team track access to transfer commodities between truck and rail.

  • Secure trailer drop yard to promote efficient use of over-the-road assets. 

Plans for LPCR are being actively developed for an early 2021 start date. Contact us now if you're in need of these valuable services. 

* A study by the Iowa Department of Transportation


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