Rail Customer Services: Published Rates

Effective May 1, 2015, the following industries are open to reciprocal switch to IANR, CN and UP (see CIC 6100-E below):

  • ADM: $210/car
  • Cargill West, Penford, Suburban Lumber, City Carton/Republic Services, PMX: $300/car

All others industries are closed. For rates and to receive tariff updates, contact our Marketing Department or call (319) 786-3656.

Published Tariffs

These are the most recent published tariff rates for CRANDIC rail shipments.

6100-F: Rules Book - Effective 4/1/19.pdf

6004: Demurrage.pdf

4006-N: Railway Cars - Effective 2/1/19.pdf

4006-O: Railway Cars - Effective 1/1/20.pdf

4300-H: Fertilizer - Effective 2/1/19.pdf

4300-I: Fertilizer - Effective 1/1/20.pdf

5123-N: Molasses - Effective 2/1/19.pdf

5123-O: Molasses - Effective 1/1/20.pdf

9015: Mileage-based fuel surcharge tariff.pdf

T 4400-006: Commodities - Effective 2/1/19.pdf

T 4400-007: Commodities - Effective 1/1/20.pdf

5109-M: Polyethylene (other than liquid) - Effective 4/1/19.pdf

5109-N: Polyethylene (other than liquid) - Effective 1/1/20.pdf